Chapter 8


Portland is such an amazing place. I love the little house I bought tucked in the forest. Is a small cottage with three rooms just what I needed and wanted. I hated all the ostentatiousness of the Cullen’s; they always thought that bigger was better when it’s the opposite.

I’ve been in town for a couple of weeks and I decided to get an English degree at the local community college. I really hated the way the history teachers were always messing up the Civil war I figured I could right a few wrongs if I went into teaching. I start Monday morning.

I made my way to the store to pick up a few supplies that I need when I smell something familiar. A vampire. I made my way to it to make sure there weren’t going to be any problems with me staying here an all. I follow the smell to the store I was heading into. Once I walked in I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  There at the cash register was Victoria.

“Victoria?” I asked. She snapped her head up and looked right at me, slightly frighten.

“I won’t hurt you. I’m not here to cause problems, Just wondering why you are here, that’s all.” She relaxed after that. “Hey Al, I’m going to take my break, I’ll be back in a bit” she told someone before she walked away from her register.

“Jasper, right?” she asked.

“Yeah, so what are you doing here? I thought you were a nomad and after James I was sure that we had to keep an eye on you” At the mention of James she flinched a little and looked sad. I could understand, she was with him for a long time and then just by herself.

“Yeah I was a nomad, but after him I wanted more from this life. He wasn’t a nice man and even thought I thought I loved him, after seeing him go after the human I knew that I was just a play thing to him. He didn’t really love me you know. I think he only wanted my skill.”

“What can you do?” I asked her. I was curious now. I wonder if that is why we were never able to catch her.

“I have the power of evasion; no one can catch me if I will it.” She said very proudly. “I have to go back in, can we talk more later? If you are not going to hurt me that is.”

“Yes we can talk later, where you staying or you can come to mine if it would make you feel better. I’m not here to hurt you. I actually left the Cullen’s so it would be nice to have a friend.” I told her. I couldn’t feel anything but relief from her and maybe just maybe I can make a friend outside of the family.

“I can come to yours. I just live in a little apartment across the road and we wouldn’t have any privacy to talk. I want to learn why you left them and what happed to the human” she told me. So I gave her my address. We went back inside the store and I finished getting what I needed. I waved a good bye and got back on my bike.

On the ride home, I was thinking of the possibility of friendship and what would come out of it. It seems like she really just want to make more of her life than running and causing chaos all the time. I can sympathize with that.

Buzz, Buzz

*She will be an ally. You will need her in the future*

*Pixie bitch, will be calling in 5 minutes*

Sigh. Peter always so fucking cryptic, but so useful all the time.

*Thanks Major, I knew you love me. Your phone will ring in a minute*

~Thanks Pete~

Just like Peter said my phone was ringing.

Ring, ring.

“Yes Alice”

Don’t yes Alice me! Where are you? I come back and I find my husband gone and divorce papers on the bed. What the fuck Jasper, you are nothing without me. You owe me!”

“Alice, shut up. I don’t owe you anything. You might have picked me up when I was in dark place but what you have done to me replaces any gratitude I had for you. I don’t love you anymore and I am sure as hell not coming back to you.”

“Jasper, what are you talking about. I love you and we are mates. You can’t leave me. I will give you time to yourself if that’s what you want but I ‘see’ that you will be back. I know you will. I will be here when you slip up.”

That little fucking midget. She is delusional if she thinks I’m going back to her controlling ways. I have more control than they think. I will show her when I don’t show up.

“Alice you are fucking delusional. I’m not coming back for you. If I ever set foot in Forks again it won’t be to see you. Get over yourself and sign the papers. I expect them back within the week.” I hung up on her. I didn’t want to hear anymore of her nagging voice. But I will call Carlisle to make sure she signs them and sends them to me. I can’t wait to get rid of her.


It was around six in the evening when there was a knock on my door. I went to go answer it and let Victoria come in.

“Hey Victoria, how are you?” I asked. It’s the polite thing to do.

“I’m fine, and you? And please call me Tori. I don’t like Victoria it makes me feel like I’m in trouble.” I chuckled, just like Bella. Oh shit I forgot to call her, even with vampire memory what a shocker.

“Ok then, Tori. I’m doing well. So tell me how did you end up here in Portland?”

“After James went after the human, I took my chance to escape him. He had me under some sort of power. All he had to do was ask to jump and I would ask how hi. I didn’t have to control unless it was to escape and that was only when he commanded it. I was miserable so I jumped ship once I could. Laurent wasn’t any help but he wasn’t mean either. He was with us for companionship only. Last I heard he found a mate and he is very happy. How about you, why did you leave your coven?

“We call ourselves family not coven since we act like one. The reason I left was because the person I thought was my mate actually lied and manipulated her feeling and emotions to make me feel like I was in a mated relationship. But now that I think about it I never had that urge to mark her as mine. I wish I would have thought of that back then and it would have saved all the heartache.”

“What a bitch. That was really fucked up. But why did you leave? Did they kick you out?”She asked

“No, they didn’t. But I wanted to find myself and be on my own for a while before trying to find my mate.”

“I can see that, so what happened to the human? Was he turned yet? You know the Volturi will find out and it will cause problems.”

“Yeah I know. I keep telling them that but they think it will be ok. Bella actually broke up with Edward not that long ago; she got tired of his controlling ways.” I tell her.

She is quiet I wonder what is she thinking. I hope she will not cause problem with what I told her. Bella should have a chance to experience as many human experiences as she wants before he has to be turned.

“Tori, are you alright?” I asked her. She is sitting there like a statue and having some crazy emotions.

“Yeah, sorry. I spaced out. I was thinking about James and his controlling ways. I’m glad that she was able to walk away from that relationship, but what happens now. She still needs to be turned.”

So I told her about Bella’s plans, and what she wants to do with her life before turning. We spoke some more throughout the night. Getting to know each other more and more and in the end I started to see her as a sister.

We spoke about her change and mine and it turns out with have the same maker. She managed to escape Maria’s clutches using her gift and hasn’t been back to the south since.

Once it started to get light out we exchanged numbers and she went home, she still had to get ready to go to work and needed to hunt before she went in; she doesn’t hunt in Portland. I went into the forest behind my house for a hunt as well and I needed to call Bella and tell her about my new friend.

I won’t tell the Cullen’s yet, I don’t need them telling me what to do about this new relationship and she doesn’t need to be judge like sometimes they seem to do.

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  1. Why isn’t there a chapter link at the end of each chapter? Peter says they will need Vicky as an ally wonder what is going to happen will fairy boy and Malice be going to the Volturi claiming his mate has been taken away from him????


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