Chapter 23

Malice POV

It has been a couple of months since I called the Volturi about Bella. I was expecting a faster job from them but I haven’t heard anything. Aro assured me that I would receive a call when the job was done and a reward for assisting the Volturi and I am still waiting on them. I want to know what is taking them so long she is just a human. How hard can it be to kill her? I need to call him and find out what has been done and why is taking them forever so of speak. But first I need to find out how my Jazzy is doing, I’m sure by now he is missing me and waiting for me to call him so he can take me back. He is nothing without me and he knows it.

I check my visions for him. I want to know where he went. I haven’t had any luck in finding him for some reason and every time I look all I see is black. I need to make my way back home and see if I can find out where he is hiding and how to get a hold of him.

Once I make it home I made my way inside to notice that only Esme is there. I walked up to her so I can asked her where everyone went to.

“Hey Esme”. I say. She just looks at me and ignores me. Huh she’s never done that before I wonder why.

“What wrong Esme? why won’t you talk to me?” I asked her. Once again she ignores me but this time instead of looking away she gets up slaps me and walks away. She took off from the house. I was stunned silent. I couldn’t believe that our lovely mother just slapped me and walked away.

I kept walking I wanted to go upstairs to my room but before I could make up I saw that my things were all at the bottom of the steps. All my clothes and belongings were in suitcases and bags. I ran to my room to see that is was empty, stripped of everything including the wall color. It looks like a guest room instead of mine. I went to Jaspers room but his looks the same even more him than before.

What the fuck is going on. I checked my visions but I can’t figure out for the life of me why am I being thrown out. I made my way down the stairs and waited for someone to tell me something. I still need to call the Volturi and I need to find my Jazzy, he’ll know what do to and take me back.

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