Chapter 22


It’s been a few weeks since we kissed. Rose and Em already went back to Forks to help Carlisle and Esme watch over my dad. So far nothing has happened with the evil twins and I am bit scare that they are waiting for us to drop our guard. The guards outside are getting restless with all the waiting and are itching to go back to Italy. I hope they don’t leave. I have a bad feeling that if they do leave the shit will hit the fan.

Jasper and I haven’t done much besides kissing. He wants to take things slow and pretty much drive me crazy. All he does is walk around with almost no clothes on and smirking every time he feels my lust increase. That boy will be the death of me. I need to have a talk with Charlotte or Rose and see if we can come up with some plan to make him break.

I don’t have any school tonight and I will be home alone since Jasper and Peter are going out to hunt. I’m not sure what Charlotte is doing but hopefully she will come back before they do, I need her advice and her help. Jasper drives me fucking horny and crazy and he won’t do anything about it. I know I’m ready; I don’t need any of that romantic crap. I don’t need roses, or for it to be at the right moment. I need it now.

I sit on my bed and boot up my computer. I go to Victoria secrets and order a bunch or lingerie sexy and comfy. I also order sexy sleep wear. Once I’m done there I decided that if he won’t help me I will get myself help. I log into Adam and Eve and order some toys and get them express delivered. Once that is done I decided to call Rose and get some input.


Hey sis. I need your help with something. Can you go somewhere and talk? I don’t want Em listening.”

“Sure, hang on.” I could hear her running in the background. I’m guessing she is going to a different place to talk.

OK, what can I help you with dear sister?”

“Ugh, Rose. He is driving me crazy. He is doing anything possible to make me horny and doesn’t follow through. Help me Rose. I don’t want to wait any longer.” I whine. I could hear her laughing in the background. She thinks this is so funny.”Stop laughing Rose. It’s not funny, it’s fucking frustrating!”

Ok, ok don’t get your panties in a twist. Have you don’t anything to get him all hot and bothered. Or are you letting him get to you?”

“I haven’t done anything. When I finally get the courage to do something I chicken out and he just smirks, like he knows something I don’t know. Today I finally bought some sexy underwear and I bought some toys from Adam and Eve. I figure if he won’t get me off then I will.”

That’s good sister, nothing like a good visual to get a man going. Are Peter and Charlotte still there?”

“Yeah why do you ask?”

“Just wondering. Now this is what you do. Walk around in your underwear the boy shorts one. His favorite colors are black, red and green. But when you do, act like it’s the most natural thing in the world. It is your home too, so if he gets to walk around half naked you do too. Don’t make it obvious. When your toys come in used them whenever he drives you nuts. He will realize that working you up and not delivering a release doesn’t mean that you will wait for him. You have needs and well you are going to get them.”She giggles at that. I think it’s a good idea. I might do it tonight, but what about Peter? I have to figure something about that. He doesn’t need to see me in my underoos.

“Thanks Rose. That helps a lot. I guess a little flirting and teasing doesn’t hurt anyone. What do I do about Peter and Charlotte?

Don’t worry I have that covered.”

“Rose” I warned, “I don’t need them knowing my business, I know they will know eventually but I don’t want them to know right away.” I tell her. Peter will tease the hell out of me and I don’t want that.

Don’t worry I promise Peter won’t tease you. I he does then Charlotte will cut him off.”

“Ok, thanks Rose. I’ll talk to you later.”

Bye sis. I want details later.” She laughs and then hangs up before I could say goodbye.

I went into my fantastic bathroom and started getting ready for tonight. I’m just going to keep it simple. Some innocent black boy-shorts and a white wife beater no bra of course.


My senses were tingling with a lot of information lately. The Major is in for a rude awaking for not taking care of his mates needs. I won’t tell him what’s coming is his own fault. But that is not as important as the other pieces of information that I’m getting. I can’t figure out how but Maria is involved with Edward somehow. I see her coming sometime late may but I can’t see if she is bringing newborns or what the hell are they doing up here. I need to keep an eye on them to find out what will happen.

Now the pixie from hell still thinks that the Volturi are working on helping her but is not sure what is taking them so long. She will make a phone call to Aro in the next couple of days. I need to call him and give him a head up.

While I’m waiting in the woods for the Major to finish hunting my phone buzzes. Its Rose calling, I know what she needs too. I grin and answer the phone.

“Yes Rosebud, how can I help thee?”

Haha funny Peter. I need to you to keep clear from the house a few times during the night a week. Our poor sister is sexually frustrated and needs room to work the major up.” She laughs.

“I know Rose. He is in a world of hurt when he sees what she has planned and I won’t tell him. It serves him right.”

“Thanks for helping Pete. How are things over there? Any sighting of Edward or Alice?”

“Not yet but Alice will call Aro in a few days wondering if her favor was cashed and Edward is planning something with Maria but I don’t know what.”

WHAT! What do you mean Edward goes to Maria”?

“That’s all I’m getting at the moment. I’m not getting the full info yet and it’s driving me crazy.”

OK, keep us posted and make sure you let Jasper know about that and don’t get him out of the loop and don’t do it with Bella either, she will flip.”

I’ll keep that in mind. Talk to you soon Rose.”  I hung up just as the Major was walking up to me.

“You ready to head back Jasper?” I asked him. I will wait until the morning to tell him about Maria. I don’t want his bad mood to taint what little bit has ready for tonight.

“Yeah let’s go. I’m missing Bella.”

“Are you really missing her or do you miss getting her all frustrated?” I asked. I needed to know what was going through his mind. Why hasn’t he taken her yet?

“Umm… both?” He said making it sound like a question.

“Geesh Jasper where did your balls go. Why haven’t you taken your mate yet? What are you waiting for?”

“Ah… I umm. I don’t know man. I really want too but I’m not sure I can. I love getting her all worked up but then I feel bad. I don’t want to hurt her.”

“You have definitely lost your man card. She is your mate and you won’t hurt her. Keep playing with fire Major and you will get burn.” With that said I took off to find Char and let her know to stay clear of the house for a bit.


What the hell did that mean? Peter and his cryptic shit.  I make my way home; it’s kind of late so I figured Bella will be in bed already. I step on the porch and take a deep breath and walk in. I make way to the kitchen sink to wash up a bit and the sight that greets me has me hard as a rock.

Bella is swinging her hips to the beat of her music on her iPod making some sort of snack in some short ass shorts and a wife beater that I think it’s mine. Are those even considered shorts? They leave nothing to the imagination.

I went to take a stop forward to let her know that I was home but as soon as I do she turns around and Oh shit! She’s not wearing a bra. Oh god this girl is going to kill me and I am already dead.

She opens her eyes and looks at me. She smiles like she doesn’t know the effect that she has on me. She walks up to me and gives me a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Hey Jasper, how was your hunt?” She asks, then walked away back to her snack while her hips swing back and forth. I gulp a mouth full of venom and try to get under control.

“It was fine darlin’. How was your night?” I asked her as calmed as possible.

She looks up and smirks. “It was fine cowboy. I did a little shopping online and then I talk to Rose for a bit and now I’m getting ready for bed.” She put her dirty dishes in the dish washer while bending over showing her glorious ass and then some. She closes the door, walks up to me, gives me a kiss good night and disappears upstairs.

What the fuck just happened. Is this how she feels when I work her over? If it is then I’m so sorry. I won’t do it again. I’m still stuck in the kitchen speechless and hard. I want to move and follow but my body is frozen.

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