Chapter 16


After getting ready for the party Angela came and picked me up and headed towards the party. It turned out to be at Mikes. I could have killed Angela for dragging me here. Even though it was at Mikes’ I had fun during the Halloween party but I went home early. Mike wouldn’t take a hint so I went home early.

November came with spending thanksgiving with my father and speaking with Jasper and Tori. Emmett and Rose are still out of town and Carlisle and Esme went to Seattle for the weekend. My mom called and asked me to spend Christmas with her and I agree. We are going to Italy and Paris to spend our holidays and I can’t wait. I get to use the ticket she got me and we are going to have a blast.

Edward came over yesterday and tried begging again, but I continue to say no. He looked like he was wearing contacts, his eyes were black but they had a tint of read in them. I think he might be feeding from humans but I don’t really have proof.

December 23rd

I was waiting at the airport in Florida, waiting on my mom. I flown straight here from Sea-Tac and from here we are taking a plane to Italy. We decided not to waste any time and go straight there without me stopping for the night. Phil had away game and wouldn’t be able to spend Christmas at home. We will be in Italy for a week and one week in Paris. I’m not sure which we will see first, but I want to do Paris first.

“Hey honey” said my mom as she was walking toward me. “Are you ready for our vacation?”

“Hey mom, yeah I’m ready. I can’t believe we are going to Paris and Italy, I’m so excited.”

“I know honey I’m excited to. I don’t know where to even start. Do you have a preference if we go to Italy or Paris?”

“I kind of want to leave Italy for last, but what do you want?” I asked her. This was her vacation also and I wanted her to choose.

“We’ll do it your way but I get to choose which sites to see and in what order.”


Calling all passengers boarding flight A32 to Paris to gate 32.

We got ready to board. We had first class tickets complements of Phil.

We chatter throughout the flight and cached up since September when she came over.  She told me how her work is going and how much she is enjoying it and how Phil was doing. I told her about school and Jasper. She wanted details on that. I told her that I had feelings for him but that I wasn’t too sure about them. I didn’t know how he felt for me and I didn’t want to make a fool out of myself. What if he doesn’t return my feelings. She just told me to follow my heart and that everything will clear up if it was meant to be.

I leaned back on my seat and thought about what she said and what mystery vamp said as well. He said something about me falling the tugging on my chest or something. I’m not sure exactly what it was. I feel asleep thinking about Jasper and what would it be like to be with him.


Arriving in Paris we made our way to the get our luggage and  to find the shuttle to take us to the hotel we were staying at. Once there we showered and ordered some food while we figure out where we were going to go and to plan out our visit. Since we only had a week in Paris, we started to plan. We decided to go to the Eiffel Tower and then some shopping tomorrow, then we will hit Paris Moulin Rouge show tomorrow night, and so forth. We had the whole week planned so we got some rest so we can start bright and early tomorrow.

December 25th

We woke up early and went out for a good Christmas breakfast, then we went and check out the Eiffel Tower and then shopping. While walking around I had a feeling of being watch, but not a bad creepy feeling. It didn’t feel like we were in danger so I shrug it off and continued with my mom. I made sure that I practice my shield before I left Forks and now I’m able to protect two people without getting tired. With that in mind I tighten the shield around my mom and me and continued having a wonderful time.

The feeling never left while we were in Paris, I just hoped it would have gone away but my gut was telling me that it wasn’t any time soon.

Once the week was over, we took a small plane to Italy and found a hotel for the night and did the same thing. We planned our stay and where we would go.

In Italy the feeling of being watch got stronger. Sometimes it would feel creepy and others not so much. I wish I could explain what is that I’m feeling but I’ve learn to trust it with the hole Kevin incident.

Two nights before we left my mom wanted to go clubbing I agreed, I mean how often you get to say you went clubbing in Italy. We went shopping for night clothes and got ready to go. I love how the clubs here open at 10 and close at 6am. It seems like you have more time to party.

We found a place close by the hotel, that way it’s within walking distance, as soon as we walked in that weird feeling was back. I looked around and the club/bar we found was full of vampires. I wanted to freak the fuck out but I held it together. I tried to get my mom to leave but she wouldn’t budge. She wanted to stay, she like the atmosphere and wanted to have a good time. I decided to leave it alone I didn’t want to cause any more attention than we probably would make. While walking toward the bar my phone buzz. I looked at it and I had an msg from my mystery vamp. He is such a pain in the ass.

*hey sweet cheeks, just keep calm. They won’t harm you, just do as you are asked it would be good for you*-MV

*oh, and I know I’m a pain in the ass but you love me*-MV

Gees’ ok, I guess I will listen to my personal  magic 8 ball. I continued my way to the bar and asked for a lava flow. While waiting I looked around and saw my mom having fun and dancing with some Italian men. If I didn’t know she was happy with Phil I would have thought that she would take one of them back to our room.

I was enjoying my drink and getting ready to order another when a man sat next to me and bought me my drink.

“Hello gorgeous, how are you?” He asked. He’s voice was husky and it sent shivers down my spine.

“I’m doing alright, how about you?” I asked.

“Now  that I’m with you I’m a lot better” Wow just wow, that was lame.

“um… ok”. I turned the other way. I didn’t want to dance yet. But he didn’t leave.

“You’re so hot; your ass is on fire.” I busted out laughing that was lame, corny and funny. I tuned to look at him to make sure I didn’t hurt his feelings. When I looked into his eyes I noticed that they were purple. Why do red eye vamps get blue contacts instead of brown or green?

My smile faded a bit but I kept my ground and tried not to give away the fact that I knew what he was. He just sat there waiting for me to say something but I was frozen I didn’t know exactly what to say to him. As soon as he was about to say something my mom came up to the bar and he disappeared.


I’ve been watching Isabella Swan since Paris. I was told not to make contact with her unless we see her being reckless and irresponsible.  A couple of weeks back the Volturi received a call from Alice Brandon stating that there was a human that new the secret but she hasn’t been changed or killed and needed the Volturi help.

Aro sent me and Felix to scout this human and report back to him. So far all they have seen are all the tourist attraction she has done with her mom. I will let the master know what is happening but that I coudnt let them destroy her, I was feeling a brotherly pull towards her.

As soon as Bella’s mother returned to her , he excused himself to  make a call to the masters. Once he explained to Aro his findings on Bella he was given an order to bring her to the Castle but to explain to her that no harm would be done to her and her mother.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 16”

  1. It is caught up not cached……so Eddie is back on humans…..following the tugging in her chest……the whole Kevin thing.Demetri? will Marcus be able to tell that she and Jasper were mates?how ignorant will Aro get or will he mind his manners when he finds out she is mated to the God of War????


    1. Thanks for the reviews. I tried finding the error so I could fix it but I didn’t see it. Think you can point me in the right direction?


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