Chapter 15


I knocked on Jaspers door and waited for him to answer. I was looking forward to spend some time with him and Victoria before he went back to Portland. It would be sometime before we saw each other again and I didn’t want to waist the opportunity.

Since the night of the club I’ve been having very arousing dreams about Jasper. Since I broke up with fuckward I see him in a different light. My feelings for him are less of brotherly affection but more, I just can’t explain it. I wish I knew how I felt about him. Sometimes I feel a slight tug in my chest but nothing that bothers me too much and I don’t know what it means.

Jasper opened the door with a blinding smile on his face. I felt just as happy to see him if not more.

“Hey Bella, how are you doing?”

“Hey Jas, I’m doing ok. How are you? is Victoria here?” I asked.

“So you only came to see her. I’m hurt Darlin, but yeah she’s inside waiting for you.” He said with a smile on his face and a mock pout. He looks so darn cute, kind of hard to resist him. I followed him inside and saw her sitting in the living room, looking a bit nervous for a vampire.

“Hey Bella, how are you? I want to say that I never meant to hurt you, that was all James game. I wanted to leave but he had some kind of power over me and I couldn’t. I am sorry for what he did to you.” She rambled.

“Breath Tori, I want to say it’s ok but it really isn’t. What James did has no forgiveness but you were part of his game and had no control of your actions, for that you are forgiven. I want us to start a new and leave the past where it belongs in the past.”  I said as I walked up to her. I grabbed her hand and asked her if she wanted to be friends. Her reply was in the form of a big smile and a hug.

Even though I came over to spend time with Jasper he was forgotten. Tori and I got along really well and we had many things in common. We both hated our full names because it made us feel like we were in trouble and we dislike shopping. Going to the store to get what you need and leave was our thing and the best was that we like comfort clothing at home and only dressed up when was absolutely needed.

Before I went home we exchange phone number and email address and we promised to keep in touch. We became fast friends and I loved it. I can’t wait for Rose to meet her. She will like her just like I do.


“Hey Kevin” I said as I saw him walked in.

“Hey Bella, how are you? I was hoping you would call me this weekend but you never did.” he said with a pout. He is so cute.

“I’m sorry Kevin, It was my birthday on Saturday and we out with family and friends and I was too hung over on Sunday to do anything.” I told him. I felt a little bad for not calling him but after seeing Jasper I didn’t think about him.

“Oh, well happy belated birthday. Where did you go? Did you have fun?”

“Yeah I had a good time. One of my friends from out of town came and surprised me. We went to a new club out in Seattle called Sin. It was a blast.” I told him with a smile on my face thinking of the dance with the mystery guy.

“Yeah I heard of it, someone told me it was kick ass.”

“Yep, so what can I get you today” I asked him. I needed to get back to work before I got in trouble.

He placed his order and went to find a seat. I continued working and counted the minutes until I got off. I was still tired and I wanted to get some sleep. Kevin left after an hour here and told me to call him soon. He wanted to take me out on a date. I wanted to give him a chance we’ll see.


I was exhausted when I walked through the front door. I went straight to my room. My intention was to go straight to bed but that plan went out the window as soon as I turned on the light.

“Who the hell are you? And what are you doing in my room?” There sitting on my bed, cross legged was a vampire. He was tall, handsome and had red eyes. He looked at me and smiled big. His smile was contagious but I didn’t return it even though I wanted to, instead I raised an eyebrow waiting for his reply. I knew I should be scared but I wasn’t, I was surprisingly calm.

“Well sugar that’s for me to know and you to find out later, but first I wanted to tell you a few things, then I will go.”

“If I listen would you tell me your name?” I asked. Is not like I had a choice in listening to him or not. He was a vampire and I couldn’t out run him.

“I don’t know yet. My name is a privilege and maybe I will tell you, maybe I won’t. So now what I came here for. Do not go out with Kevin. He may seem harmless but he want more than what you can give him.” He said.

“How do you know that, and what is it that he wants that I don’t want to give him?” I asked because if he was talking about sex, I was more than ready to lose my v card, it was a matter of finding the right time and person.

“I just know shit sweets, but please listen. He ain’t good for you. I know what you are thinking and you are not ready to give that up yet. Second is that you listen to that pull on yer chest. It might be confusing now but it will clear up soon.” He spoke with concern and honesty that I could see in his eyes, but I’m still not sure to trust him. I mean I don’t know him; he could be lying and just buying time to kill me.

“Well mystery pire, I would think about your suggestion but I make my own decisions these days and I don’t know you from Adam.” I told him

“Who is Adam? I don’t know an Adam?” He said confused. “I hope you listened to what I said. I know it’s hard to understand since you don’t know me but hopefully you will use that big brain of yours and follow your instincts. Always follow them, they will guide you and help you out on sticky situations.”

I just looked at him and nodded, I’m not agreeing with anything. He got up getting ready to leave.

“So you won’t tell me your name? don’t you think its rude being that you are in my room, on my bed uninvited?” I was getting mad. I was tired and I wanted to go to sleep.  I wanted to know who he is so I can tell Jasper, on top of that I would have to change my sheets, and I don’t know where he has been.

“Not today sweet cheeks. I have to run but I will see you soon. Bye Bella.” With that he was gone. He knew my name but I didn’t know his. I will just keep that interaction to myself. I don’t need Jasper and them to freak out since nothing happened.

After changing my sheets I finally went to bed. It was one am and I had to get up early to for school. I have journalism first thing in the morning as well as photography club I couldn’t miss today.


Weeks went by and I had been getting text messages from an unknown number. Every time I decided to call Kevin, I would receive a text msg saying not to do it. I started listening to my instinct more often than not and every time I would get a text my instincts coincided with the text.

It’s the end of October now and the text text msg have stopped. A while back I saw in the news that Kevin was arrested for assault with a deathly weapon and sexual assault on a girl from PA. I am glad that wasn’t me but I feel bad that she suffered at his hand. I deleted his number and hopefully I would never see him again.

Halloween was approaching and I was going to a party with Angela and Ben. Rose and Emmett were out traveling and of course Jasper and Tori couldn’t come up here this time. Carlisle and Esme are keeping watch while the evil duo went to Alaska to party. Dad was working the night shift to keep all the party goers somewhat under control and I had nothing better to do than to get dressed.

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