Epilogue Ch 30


Not long after Peter took Anna away the Volturi showed up. We weren’t expecting them to show up until tomorrow but here they were.

“Principessa, are you alright?” asked Caius rushing towards me with Marcus and Aro trailing him.

“Sono ben zio Cai. Non mi ha fatto male.” (I am well uncle Cai. He didn’t hurt me.) I always spoke in Italian when they were near. It was like a switch that would flip on when they were around.

“Oh, figlia mia cara, sei sicuro di è buona?” asked Marcus (Oh my darling daughter, are you sure you are alright?)

“Sì papà. Io sto bene. Il mio compagno meraviglioso e lo zio mi ha trovato prima di poter essere ferito.” I told him giving him a hug. (Yes papa. I am alright. My wonderful mate and uncle found me before I could be hurt.)

“Dove si trova il bastardo? Voglio vederlo adesso!” growled Aro. (Where is the bastard? I want to see him now!)

“Calma zio Aro. Il Mayor e il Captain lo hanno.” (Calm uncle Aro. The Major and Captain have him.) They all took a deep breath and stop up after fussing all over me.

“Major, where is Edward?” Aro asked my mate.

“He is in pieces in different bags. We left him in the trunk of the car.”

“Good, good. We we’ll leave for Volterra immediately. We will hold trial against Edward Cullen for kidnapping the Princess with intent to harm and taking her from her mate. Is there anything I need to know before we get ready to leave?”

“Yes Aro. Edward had humans involved with the kidnapping. Two have been taken care of and one is staying downstairs in Carlisle’s mate apartment.” Ah so that is where they put her.

I looked over at Cassie and she just shrugged her shoulder. I guess we will talk later. I needed to call my assistant and Cassie’s to make sure our cases can be moved around until we come back.

“Where is dear Carlisle now?” asked Aro.

“He should be on his way with Bella’s cousin, Garrett, Randall and Mary. They helped rescue him from the humans that had him at Edward’s request.” He nodded.

“Does he know of what we are?” asked Caius.

“According to Carlisle he doesn’t.” Peter answered.

“Isabella please make the preparations necessary to close down your office for a two week period. Let your staff know that they will be compensated for their time off unless Cassandra will be staying behind.” She looked surprised that he addressed her.

“I will be coming with Isabella and my mate Mr. Volturi.” She stated.

“You can call me Aro dear.” He said taking her hard and brings it up to his lips. All of us knew that he was looking at her memories. He smiled at her and turned back to Marcus.

“Brother, bonds please.”

“Familiar bonds all of them except for the Major he is Isabella’s mate. Peter has a stronger bond to her being actually blood family and so does Cassandra. They see each other as sisters more so than Alice.” He said.

“Demetri, Felix go get the jet ready. Emmett please go get the human. Isabella please take care of work and pack. Cassandra please go get yours and Carlisle things ready. We will leave as soon as Isabella’s cousin is safe.” We all nodded and went to do as we were asked.


I was surprised when they came in a rushed towards Bella. The love I felt flowing from them to hear was outstanding. And then she blew me away speaking Italian. She surprises me every day. After they all left to do what Aro ordered he came up to me.

“Major I would like to give you my appreciation at getting Isabella back safely. I know she is your mate and you would have done it regardless but thank you. She is our Princess and hopefully with you by her side our next rulers.” I just nodded. I couldn’t believe that the almighty Aro would be thanking anyone let alone me for something.


“Carlisle my friend how nice to see you.” Said Aro as soon as Carlisle walked in with the others.

“Calvin you can go upstairs to the guest room. Bella got it ready for you and she is in her room.” I told him. He didn’t need to be here for their conversation and the sooner when get him home the better.

“You too Aro. We weren’t expecting you until tomorrow.”

“Yes I know. We finished business early and came as soon as we could. Now tell me what has transpired on your end.” He took Carlisle hand and saw all that happened during the recovery of Calvin.

“Good job my friend. Now we need to get ready to leave as soon as Mr. Swan leaves to go home.”


I rushed upstairs and went into Isabella’s room first. I can get cleaned up later.

“Bella!” I said while opening her door. She saw me and rushed to me, leaped into my harms and hugged me. I could feel her tears on my shirt.”

“Shh, shh it’s alright Bella-Bee. I’m safe nothing happened.”

“What happened, where were you?” she asked calming down. I told her where I was and everything that I knew, including the things that I didn’t understand but I could tell she did.

“You can’t explain can you?” I asked her.

“The price for knowing is too high and you have kids to take care of. We worked too hard for you to have them and clarifying your confusion would mean leaving them behind forever.” She said. Now I wish I could really know but the thought of losing my kids held back the questions I had for her.

“What happens now?

“Now you get cleaned up and go see your girl and spend a wonderful weekend with her and on Sunday you go get your kids and continue your life as if none of the horrible things that occurred in the past twenty-four hours happened. I will be going out of town for two weeks and when I come back then we can get together and spend it as family.”

I nodded and gave her a big hug.

“Ok I’ll go get cleaned and I’ll come get you before I go.” I told her. I went into the guest room and took a shower. Got dressed in clean clothes she left for me and left. I knocked on her door, she came out, and we made our way downstairs.

Once in the foyer I saw Carlisle and walked up to him.

“Mr. Cullen I want to offer my thanks in finding me. I don’t know where I would have been if it wasn’t for you and your friends.” I told him while shaking his hand.

“Don’t worry about it anything for family.” I nodded at them and walked towards the door with Bella.

“Alright Bella-Bee. Please take care and I will see you when you come back, ok?”

“Take care Calvin. I’ll see you soon.”


Once Calvin was gone we got ready to leave. Emmett brought Anna out from the kitchen where he had put her while Calvin was here and we made our way down to the parking garage to head to the airport.

Once in the air I sat with my Major and leaned against him. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the flight.


“Bella, wake up sweets we are here?” I opened my eyes and stretched my body.

“Are you ready?”

“Yeah lets go.” I grabbed my sweater and walked out the plane with Jasper after the others.

Once we made it to the Castle we separated into our rooms. Carlisle, Cassie, Jasper, and I were in the royal wings. Each couple had their own floors. Each floor had a library, office, living area, and master rooms with attached bathrooms. The rooms had a balcony that faced the gardens on the castle.

I showed Jasper my floor. Nothing had changed since the last time I was here. My library was full of all my favorites and now it included a history section. It must have been Marcus or even Esme’s doing.

Once we freshened up we met in the throne room to discuss how things were going to play out.

“Now that we are here, the brothers and I have come to a decision. We will hold sentencing until we hear what he has to say. I will read his thoughts and I will leave Isabella to me the ruling. As some of you may know the brothers and I have determined to make Isabella princess of Volterra and with her comes Prince Jasper or Major to some.”

He stated and we could hear the gasp from the guard members that did not know about me.

“Now Isabella, Carlisle, and Major, you all will be in charge of the Vampires on your side and that includes the South. You may appoint those you would like to become part of your guard or however you decide to do things but those decisions will be made before you all leave. Any questions.”

No one answered.

“Isabella come sit in your throne. Jasper you may stand besides her or behind and Carlisle you can choose where to stand with your mate. Your seat is not finished yet.” We moved to our places.

“Please bring the human Anna Swan and Edward Cullen.” Aro said. Demetri and Felix left the room and brought them back from wherever they were stashed.

As soon as they came in Marcus gave Aro his hand to read.

“Interesting.” He murmured.

“Anna Swan do you know why are you here?” Asked Aro.

She shook her head and continue to shake and cry.

“Bella please….” She whispered but with my increased hearing I was able to hear her as well as the vampires in the room.

Edward looked pained and resigned but I could tell he was still cocky. He looked over at Anna and I could feel his gaze softened.

Aro looked over at me and nodded.

“Please what Anna. What do you have to say for yourself? I don’t think there is anything that you can tell me that will spare you whatever punishment I see fit.”

“Punishment? Who are you to punish me? You are not the law! What the hell Bella all I wanted was my kids.” She yelled.

“SILENCE!” I roared at her. Some were shocked others where proud.

“If you haven’t noticed we are in Italy and everyone around you are the very same thing that Edward promised to turned you into. Here I am the law, judge, and executioner. Now explain to me why would Mr. Cullen would promise to change you. What is so special about you? All you wanted were your kids and if that is the case then you couldn’t be changed. Explain.”

But before she could say anything Edward growled.

“How dare you speak to my mate like that? I should have drained you when I had the chance. You worthless piece of human shit!” Jasper reacted and ran towards him, in anger. In less than a second Edward was in pieces.

Anna screamed and cried and was hysterical. It was so fucking annoying.

“Alec please shut her up.”

“Yes mistress.” His black fog covered her and took away her senses.

“Aro please read them and let’s get this over with. There is no reason to drag it out.” Caius declared. Aro nodded and walked towards Anna and touched her.

“Edward promised a lavish life. To give her everything she wanted to be a trophy wife. After she got her kids she was supposed to dropped them off to her mother in law and Edward would change her. She thought that maybe she could convince him to keep her kids but she never got to ask him.”

He then walked over to Edward.

“Edward only wanted Isabella for her blood. He was working together with Victoria planning on taking Bella but when Victoria didn’t come through he decided to take matters into his own hands. He threaten Alice’s mate making her think he knew where he was to keep Alice from talking. He never knew Alice. He doesn’t even know who he is or how old.”

I heard her sob in relieve. She worked so hard to keep him safe but now knowing that he was never in danger and never will it was a breath of fresh air.

“He knows Anna is his mate and never planned on taking the kids, he knew she would ask but he was going to say no. Colin was going to be change for payment in kidnapping the princess.” Aro was done and walked back up to his throne.

“Carlisle I know he is your first companion if you need a few minutes with Isabella to figure out their punishment we can take a break or are you ready?”

“We need a few minutes please Aro.” Carlisle stated. I knew what I wanted. I wanted Edward dead but I didn’t want it to come easy for him. I wanted him to fight for his life, to suffer.

“Alright, everyone be back here in thirty.” The Volturi guard left and it was only Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Peter, and me. Charlotte took Cassie for a stroll and to get some food for us.

“Carlisle, Esme I know what I want, but he was your companion and son before me. What do you want?” I asked them.

“Bella first I want to apologize for leaving. I should have said good bye to you but I had my own issues I was struggling with and I looked after myself first. With that said I think he should be put to death. There is no need to keep him alive, same with his mate.” Esme said. I nodded at her.

I saw Carlisle pacing and I knew this was hard for him.

“What do you want Bella maybe after I know what it is it will help me decide.”

“Very well. Anna in the state that she is should be killed. Not drained just snap her neck and be done with her and Edward. He should fight for his life not that he will have one. Once he realizes that his mate is gone he will go crazy and the guard can have a go at him. If Jasper and Peter want they can inflict the final blow.”

Peter and Jasper nodded and I could feel waves of approval from Jasper.

“Ok I can agree with that but I don’t think I will be able to watch. As much as it angers me what he has done he is still my son.” I agreed with him.

Char walked in with some food for me and I ate quickly. As soon as I was done Edward, Anna and the top guard walked in with the brothers’ right behind them.

“Isabella your decision please.”

“Anna will be put to death immediately. No one is to drain her. Someone put Edward back together. Alec keep him under your fog until Anna is dead.” My orders were swiftly done.

Felix snapped Anna’s neck and laid her on the floor next to Edward’s body. Demetri, Jane, and Afton put Edward back together.

“Alec lift your fog please.”

Edward blink and looked around while he got his bearings.

“Where is my mate?” he asked still sort of confused. I looked down at his feet and he followed my eyes.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO, what did you do? She was innocent! I never pegged you for being heartless Isabella. Why did you kill her?” he growled out.

“Because she knew of Vampires. Is not like you were going to live much longer. I might be heartless to you but so are you. To keep a mother from her children for your selfishness is cruel. She might have done horrible things to those kids but it wasn’t up to you to rip them away from her if she ever got them which she wasn’t going to. I had made sure of that. Now for your punishment. You will fight for your life.”

I looked around to see who was first. Emmett was bouncing on his toes and eager. I nodded at him and he rushed off to Edward.

After Emmett was Felix then Demitri, Peter and finally Jasper. Edward fought well and did his best but he wasn’t as trained as the others. Jasper dealt the final blow. Ripped his head off and dropped it in the fire that was started as soon as Peter was done beating the living crap out of him.

Once his head was in the fire I told them to throw Anna’s body with his. Esme and Carlisle walked back in as the top guard left.

“Now that, that is over lest retire for the night and tomorrow we will talk about what is left.” Aro stated. We all left but instead of going to our rooms we met out in the gardens.


Esme made her explanations on why things happened the way they did and Marcus apologized to the Cullen’s for his part on Esmes infidelity.

We ironed out the details on how Carlisle, Jasper, and I would rule. I will be in-charge on the East Coast, Jasper the South and Carlisle the West coast with Cassie. But we will confer with each other all the time before making decisions. We also asked Garrett, Randall, and Mary to be part of our guard but they could choose where to live as long as they were available should any need arise right away.

~1 year later~

Cassie and I decided to close our practice to the humans. We finished the cases we had but we didn’t take anymore. We both wanted to be changed at the same time and open a practice just for the vampires and maybe in a couple of centuries re open to the humans.

Currently we are moving to Oregon, we bought a big piece of land and constructed two houses to our liking. Emmett and Rosalie moved to Colorado and open a garage. Peter and Char went back to Texas but are always visiting.

“Are you ready Bella?” My Jasper asked. I was ready to be changed and be with him forever.

“Yes I am ready to be yours, always and forever.” He leaned down and gave me a panty wetting kiss. I closed my eyes and moaned. He continued kissing me making me moan until he reached my neck. He gave me a couple of kisses, licked my neck and when I arched he puncture me with his fangs.

I could feel my body heating up until it got to uncontrollable levels. Fuck this shit is fucking hot!

I counted my heartbeats and keep thinking of my life and all the memories I wanted to keep. It seemed that I was cooking for a long time and I’m going to end up being over cooked.

Finally I could feel the pain receding from my limbs but increasing in my heart.

“AHHHHHHH.” I screamed. I think this was the first time that I made any noise besides whimpering.

My back arched and then all the noise stopped. I could smell everything but the best aroma I could smell came from my right.

Leather and sandalwood with a hint of coffee and mint. I snapped my eyes open and looked towards the smell. There I found the most beautiful man I even seen.

“Baby?” he asked. “Do you know who I am?”

“Jasper.” I whispered.

To be continue…

11 thoughts on “Epilogue Ch 30”

  1. Loved the story! All the twists and turns. I love how you built the tension without it spilling over at once. It was a huge build but slow burn that meshed nicely.

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  2. i just found you out of randomness trolling threw fanfiction.net and then you would suck me in and tell me to go to a different site. i have read all of them but this 1 and love after control are my favorites

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    1. As in another story, a sequel. I started it. It’s called an unknown enemy but is slowly coming. I’m having a hard time putting it together. Thanks for reading.

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