Chapter 10


After I sent that text we sat down and catch up about what we have been up to the past couple of years. It’s been two since we have been in each other’s company and he has regaled me with stories from him and Char’s vacation. I was laughing when there was a knock on the door.

I put my drink on the center table and waited while Peter answered the door.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I heard Jasper ask.

“Well hello to you too Major. I’m here on behalf of my kitten, she requested my presence at this shindig.” Peter said with a smirk. He is always asking for trouble. He’s like a kid, worse than Emmett.

“Peter where are your manners? Let them in already.” I said. I wanted to get this over with already and move on with my life and maybe Jasper’s.

I heard them all walk in and Jasper was the first one I saw. He looked up and down at me and I would be lying if I didn’t do the same. He looked the same not that I was really looking for a change after all these years but damn if he doesn’t look good.

I’m finding him more attractive than before. I can feel my heart beating a bit faster than normal and my palms sweating. He is so handsome. I can’t wait until we have alone time together and just get to know each other but I would love to kiss those kissable lips of his.

Damn it control yourself. You don’t want to give away that you are lusting after the guy already. Remember he is an empath.

Pulling myself out of my mussing I looked up at his eyes.

“Hello Bella.” He drawled.

Holy shit when did he get an accent. That drawl will be the death of me.

Breath Bella.

“Hey Jasper.” I said as composed as I could. I stood up and walked to him to give him a hug. I inhaled and squeezed him tighter. He did the same. We pulled apart and I went back to my seat on the couch and he took the seat next to me.

We kept looking at each other, neither of us knowing where to start with our stories. I just couldn’t stop looking into his eyes. They were like a light shade of caramel and honey combined if that even makes sense. They were beautiful and I was mesmerized.

“Hello Isabella.” A voice snapped me out my staring. Following the voice I noticed that I forgot about Carlisle coming with Jasper; but I also noticed that Rose and Emmett where with them. I don’t know if I should be happy or annoyed. It was hard enough to come here to see them but they had to bring others? I took a deep breath. I could feel Peter squeezing my shoulder in support.

“Hey Carlisle.” I gave him a small smile. He walked up to me and kneeled at my feet taking my hands into his.

“My beautiful daughter. I am so sorry for any pain that we had caused you with our departure. It was not my intention to be so cruel. I cannot speak for the others but for me all I can say is that I am truly sorry, that I will do anything in my power to gain your forgiveness and your love once again. I have always loved you like my own and I regret the day I let someone else make a decision on my behalf that I’m not comfortable with. I love you Isabella and I hope you can forgive me one day.”

I had tears running down my cheeks. Who could not forgive a man after that speech. I could feel his sorrow, and sadness along with his love for me, his longing for a daughter, his regrets for leaving me and most of all I could feel his request for forgiveness and admission of guilt. I looked over at Jasper and he nodded letting me know that what I was feeling were Carlisle emotions. With that I launched myself at him and hugged him for all he was worth and started sobbing on his chest.

“Oh baby girl, I’m here now. Shhh, talk to us. I can feel there was more to the story than what you told us. It’s ok I’m here now.” I cried harder but I nodded. I needed to be strong and let them know what happened but first I needed to acknowledge that there are two extra people here that were not invited.

As much as I missed Em he still left without word and couldn’t find his balls and be his own person and do what he wanted. He claimed to be my brother but he chooses to follow the others without a fight. Same for Jasper. As attracted as I feel towards him they need to answer me and find their own forgiveness.

I could forgive Carlisle and that is because I am a daddy’s girl and I miss Charlie. We were not as close as we would have liked but he was still my dad and I miss the way he was but at the same time Carlisle was more of a dad to me and I missed him lots.

I pulled myself off Carlisle and wiped my face with a tissue Peter got for me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I looked up at the other two in my living room and decided that the bitch needed to come out to deal with the other bitch.

I raised an eyebrow at them.

“What are you doing here?”

“Belly, please we came to see you we… I missed you. You are my baby sis.” Said Emmett. He sounded so heartbroken and sad but I won’t cave like I did with Carlisle.

“So now I’m your baby sis. Where were you when I needed you, where were you when all the fuckery that happened to me was going on? If that is the way I’m going to get treated by someone that says they are my brother then I need a new family.” I told him. I could see his face fall and if he could, he would be crying but what did he expect? For me to jump for joy at seeing him and just act like nothing happened? Don’t think so.

“Why are you such as bitch. He is trying to apologize and you bitch him out.” Rose growl.

I could hear Jasper and Peter give warning growl from their chest but I put my hands on them to calm them down. This is my fight.

“Why don’t you shut the fuck up. This is my house and you are here un invited. I didn’t want to see you or Em at least not yet, but then you show up unannounced like you own the place. You better watch your words carefully. I will not hesitate to throw your ass out of my house.”

“Like you could human. I would stop you before you even get off the couch.”

“I might not be able to stop you physically –yet- but I have someone that will stop you in a heart bit. A true sister. You want to try me?” I asked while raising my bitch brow at her.

I could feel Jasper, Carlisle and Emmett’s confusion. Peter just looked smug.

“Please, who else can help you besides the ones standing next to you , protecting the little human. There is no one around for miles.”

“Sister.” I called. Char came strolling in with a smile on her face. She walked up to Peter and gave him a kiss and then walked up to Jasper and smacked him.

“Ow, woman what was that for?” he asked her. She looked at him with a look that said, “are you serious?” then sat on the floor in front of my feet.

I looked up at Rose and smiled. I raised an eye brow at her in challenge waited for a response. Nothing came.

“Rose please. She has a right to be angry with me and she is right. We don’t know if anything happened to her while we were gone and you are not helping.” Emmett told her.

“Really Emmett, what could have happened to her that she needed you – us-. She looks fine and healthy. Look at this place it’s been renovated recently. She should be able to move on, find a human husband and have kids. She doesn’t need to be in our world. She had her chance to be out and be normal and she keeps making the wrong decisions.”

I just laughed a bitter laugh and I couldn’t stop. Peter tried to calm me down by rubbing my back and Char tried to prevent me from standing up. I could feel Jasper trying to change my emotions but I gave him a heated look and pulled my shield around me. Jasper looked stunned and confused.

“Who made you in charge of my life to decide what’s better for me and what I should do with it. You don’t know anything about me so before you start to judge and throw out words of ‘wisdom’ why don’t you find out first what occurred after you all left and then you can say your peace; not that I will listen to you anyway. But first let me clarify something for you. Just because you wanted a husband and kids doesn’t mean that I do. Remember that you were raised in a different era and not all women today want that happy family with the white picket fence, 2.5 kids and a dog.

If you knew anything about me you would have known that I was always the parent in the house and never the kid so for me having kids is nowhere near my train of thought. I am twenty eight years old and my clock is not ticking. I am older than you even if it’s only two years emotionally and physically so I know what I want with my life and whether that is finding a human husband as you say and having kids or becoming one of you is up to me and not you.”

She pissed me off with her holier than thou attitude and thinking that she knew best. She looked stunned but of course she needed to always have the last word. She never wanted to be wrong or made to think about her actions.

“What about your parents? Wont they miss you?” she asked smug. She hit a nerve but I won’t let her see that. She might think she is right instead of oh so wrong.

“Think carefully about that question Rosalie. Do you smell Charlie anywhere? You know this is his house.” The smugness fell off her face. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

“I don’t smell him anywhere and none of this stuff is his. What does that matter. Did he move out?” she is seriously dense but I can’t really fault her for not knowing since she is so into herself and never worried about others.

“Let me enlighten you princess. My father is dead and before you go on about my mother she is dead as well. So what else you got? Give me another reason not to do as I please.” I said raising an eyebrow and crossing my arms.

She had nothing and sat down stunned at what I told her. She had nothing more to say to me and a lot think about.

“Let me ask you this Rosalie. If you had the chance to become human, to have another husband and kids. Would you leave Emmett? Think about it, I don’t want to know, but I’m sure Emmett would.” I told her, not to hurt her but she already had the best of the best and she was still pining for something else, making Emmett and everyone around them miserable.

She stood up and left. Emmett came up to me, hugged me, kissed my cheek and left too. And now there were five.

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