Chapter 2 – Him

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“Isabella, if you walk out that door I will hunt you down and make you hate this life even more than you do now. I’m being nice and speaking with your father respectfully, you will meet with my mother and sister and set a date. You are mine!” I roared after her, running behind her to try and catch her. I slammed the door behind me and saw her getting into her car.

“Isabella, get back here. You will pay for this. I will destroy you.” I went back inside the house and looked at her father.

“Charles I won’t put up with the disrespect she continues to show me. I thought we had an understanding and if she’s not back here by tomorrow morning our arrangement is off, do you understand me?”  His shoulders slumped and he nodded. I grabbed my things and made my way home to mother.

I walked in, slamming the door behind me. “How did it go, son?” My mother asked as she saw me walking up to my study, stopping me. I didn’t want to talk about it but I obliged her.

“How do you think?” I snarled at her. “ I should have made her mine as soon as I had her. She ran away from me mother, ME! Who does that? I am the best there is, and she knows it.”

“She will come around darling, you know this, just give her time to cool off.” Mother said.

“Not this time mother, she really did run off, took a suitcase of her things and ran out the door as soon as I told her about the engagement,” I told her as I walked toward the liquor cabinet and getting me a glass of whiskey. I took a mouthful and set my glass down.

“I will be in my study, trying to fix this mess. If she is not here tomorrow morning… well, you know what will happen.”

“I know darling, I don’t like it, the Swans have been friends and family for a long time but I understand it.” I nodded at her and made my way to my study.

The Swans and us have been friends and family for a long time. My great so many fathers came here from the old country and established himself on this side of the US as a hard worker, making something of himself until he got into trouble and a Swan helped him out.

The Swans have been cops, FBI, CIA and any law enforcement you can think of, and us well, we are dirty to their clean side. All the men work, all the women stay home and take care of the home. They are to be seen but not heard unless spoken to. There have been some women that could not handle this life and ran off, but there are others too scare to do so. I was raised to be the man of the house, to care and cherish our females but to be strict and forceful when necessary.

Renee Swan was one of those that could not handle it, she left in the middle of the night and left Isabella behind.

All Charles had to do was raise her right, raise her to belong in our world. Instead, he gave her the freedom his wife wanted but couldn’t give her and now look at us. Chasing after the girl that stole my heart, after the one girl that can restore the Swans into power, the girl that could give me more money that I had, why? Because grandfather Swan left Isabella his fortune and everything he owns but only if she married into the right family.

Charles never had any more children, Isabella is his only one and his heir, but for him to receive his inheritance she needs to be wed to the right family, like ours and she then will receive the rest of the money and family fortune, making her husband the most powerful man on this side the US.

Walking into my study, I started the search. I had bugged her car and her phone a long time ago to keep an eye on her. I knew all her friends and where she was going to be staying at once she left her father’s’ home and even about her new job, which she won’t be going to.

The computer shows her car has stopped near the crossroads right out of town and not moving, I wonder why? If she’s trying to flee, she is not making it too hard to chase her. Maybe my mother is right and she just needs time to think and maybe has come to change her mind. I pick up my phone and call one of my guys.


“Come pick me up, we are bringing my girl home.”

“Yes, sir.”

I made my way to the door and pull my coat on, I walked outside and my ride is already waiting.

“Take me to the crossroad right outside of town. The GPS shows her car is still there.”

“Yes, sir.”

It only took 20 minutes to get there. We slowed down right behind her car and I get out of mine with my weapon drawn. I looked around and don’t see anything. I get close to the driver side and see that her door is slightly ajar. I motion to my guy to take the other side.

The car is still own, the headlights are on and the scarf I gave her is sitting in the passenger seat. I open the door to the driver side all the way and look into the back seat. Her bag is gone too.

“Where the fuck did she GO? She’s not that smart, not smarter than me. Find her.” I yell at my driver. I see him pulling out his phone and calling all our contacts. I began to pace around thinking of where she could have gone. I pull out my phone and call Charles.

“What is it, Sam?”

“Watch your tone Swan. Now did Isabella come back?”

“No, why?”

“Her car is at the crossroads and she is not in it. All her things are missing except the scarf I gave her. Do you have any ideas where she could have gone?”

“No, I don’t, unless she called one of her friends to come get her.”

I hung up on him and got into my car. I need to know where she is, I need to find her.

Fuck, fuck, fuck! This shit hurts. He wasn’t kidding when he said this will be painful and I hope I didn’t just make a big mistake.


The mystery guy has been revealed. Hope you guys like it. Please leave me some love, even if it’s a happy face. I don’t have a posting schedule but I will try for every two weeks. Keyword: try. Love you all. BTW this whole story is OOC. 

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