Chapter 9 – Bella

Not Beta’d. All mistakes are mine, please be nice. I made a mistake on Jasper’s age. He and Bella are both 25, so that means that Jasper is actually 5 in demon years, not 4.


Chapter 9




Flying is a bitch. I thought once my wings came in full that I would know how to use them, that it would have been instinct. But no! Is like riding a bike for the first time, only I don’t have training wheels and I’m always falling on my ass, and that shit hurts.


I’m here is the training room, eyes closed, wings open, taking a deep breath. I flap them once, twice, three times before jumping. Ok, I got this part, I’m hovering over the ground, I give a big flap and it lifts me up more. I keep going like this until I’m about 15 feet up. But this is where I crash, I give it one more and continue flapping my wings, I lean forward as I do so, picturing that I’m a bird.  It seems to be working.


“Bella.” I hear Jasper call.


Shit! I lose my concentration and I’m falling. I’m trying to get my wings to cooperate, but I’m panicking. I see the grown coming faster and faster until I feel it.


“OH, that hurts. I think I’m done for today.” I say groaning.


“I’m sorry my love, but there have been some developments with Sam and we need to talk,” he says. He helps me up and dusts off. Then we walk towards the study. Upon entering I see his parents, some of the higher guard and… “POPPI!”


I ran towards my grandfather and launched myself at him.


“On baby girl, my princess, how have I missed you.”


“But I thought you had died, what are you doing here? How? Gosh, I missed you so much.” I rambled.


“Shhh it’s ok my sweet, we will talk soon but now is not the time.” I nodded at him and made my way back to Jasper.


He tugged my arm towards him and sat me on his lap.


“So I received a letter from Old Quil today,” he said as he passed the letter to his parents and then my grandfather. I looked at him and raised an eyebrow in question.

“Yes, he is the same Bella, he is actually one of the guard demons sent to earth to keep an eye on those that are undesirable. He has been keeping an eye on Sam and Charlie, but it wasn’t something I knew until you became my Queen.” I nod in understanding.


“We need a plan, some way to intercept that summon once it comes in. We also need to decide who would go and meet him and how to proceed.” I wanted to be the one that saw him but I knew I couldn’t. I wasn’t strong enough yet to do any harm and I wasn’t going to feed off of him, yuck!


Grandfather wanted to go too, but Sam knew what he looked like and he had a plan for my dad so that was a no go. For the time being, we decided to lock down the underworld, only those on the need to know would know why, but the others will just have to follow the rules.


The night of the full moon, everything was in place. One of the guards loyal to Jasper would be there to intercept the summoning. He would listen to Sam and agree as long as Sam would be willing to serve in the underworld for 10 years after he died before going to heaven while implying that he wasn’t going to die anytime soon. If he declined, nothing would happen to him but he won’t get what he wants.


All of this was just a trick to bring him down here right away but things never go as plan.


“Sire, sire” a guard came calling for Jasper.


“Sire, Alexis intercepted the message before Eli could,” Jasper growled at that, and marched towards what I’m guessing was the summoning room. I haven’t been there yet. I followed him wanting to see the drama unfold. As soon as we get there we see her coming back through the portal with a big grin on her face.


As soon as she saw us, her grin dropped and she looked nervous.


“Explain!” Jasper growled at her. She stood there, trying to form words, but not speaking.


“Alexis you at this moment are under guard control for disobeying an order. You will be confined to your quarters until a better punishment can be arranged. You have no rights to be here in the summoning room especially when is under lockdown. There is nothing you can say that will help you.”


“But Jas..” she didn’t get very far until he growled.


“There is nothing you have to say that I want to hear except what Sam wanted. I will send someone to speak with you shortly and you better be honest with the information.”


“Alistair. Please escort Miss Alexis to her quarters and assign two of your best guards to stay with her at all times. She is on lockdown until further notice.”  He nods and takes Alexis away.


“Let go sweets I know you have been dying to have time with your grandfather.” I nodded eagerly and we left the room.



I’m so happy I am back with my little Swan. I missed my granddaughter and now I have to teach her all about her heritage and that her title of Queen is two-fold. She is not just the future Queen of the Whitlock Clan but the Queen of the Swan clan. But all that will have to wait until we take care of Sam and Charlie.


A/N; Sorry for the wait and shortness. I can’t guarantee updates. Hope you enjoyed the chapter.




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