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Bella /Paul OC. O/S

The legend says that a wolf will die if he or she gets bitten, or if their imprint dies they follow shortly. But what happens when an imprint gets bitten after being marked by her wolf. Does the wolf die? Does the connection of imprint and wolf cease to exist? Or does something else entirely happen that has never happened before….

Will Post on FFN and Stars sometime tomorrow.

UPDATE! More Recyclables!

Biting My Thoughts


I hope everyone has had a great weekend! Here are a few recyclables that are ready to be read! I hope you all enjoy them and I hope to post more within the week.

Teen Wolf:

Dark Love: Bella Swan and  Theo R.

Mimic: Bella Swan and Theo R.

Bunnies and Wolves: Bella Swan and Theo R.

Do you Believe in Magic?: Bella S. and Peter H.


My Sinister Crush: Bella S. and Crowley

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