Caleb’s Mother Lied And Really Needs to Apologize to Mrs. Lindsey

Short Little Rebel

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-7-40-50-am-copy This is an example of an out of control mother who has ruined a teacher’s life because of her lies on social media.  She owes a deep apology to Mrs. Lindsey, to Fort Nutter Elementary School and to all the parents and students who attend there.

Ok, I need to take a stand on something important here. There is a teacher in Nutter Fort, West Virginia who supposedly ‘snatched’ a microphone from an autistic boy in a heartless and horrible manner just as he was about to say, ‘Gobble, Gobble’. The boy begins to shout, “Oh no! Oh no!” and his mother begins to bawl on camera. She puts this on social media and says, ” all he wanted to say was ‘gobble gobble!” and ignites a firestorm of anger, disgust, name calling, death threats, petitions to fire Ms. Lindsey, and every horrible kind of sexual assault on her person I…

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Revelations (Part Two)


Chapter Seven

Revelations (Part Two)

~Hey Pandas! Sorry for the later update. I had some troubles writing this out and I got caught up with school work. Luckily, I had some time to finish so here you go! Enjoy!


Steve POV:

I saw the mix of emotions flickering across Bella’s face as Director Fury told her the news of her parent’s. Her hand was starting to get cold and clammy as I held it.

“Bella,” I said gently. She looked at me and her eyes were shining with tears yet to fall. I gulped feeling bad for her. This was horrible news to learn.

“Oh sweetie,” Natasha said as she rose from her chair to give her a reassuring hug.

“H-How?” Bella choked, “How can this be possible? This is insane!”

“Miss Swan,” Director Fury continued, “We did learn who your biological father was.”

Bella stiffened immediately at the information…

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Felicity Heaton. Haunted by the King of Death Cover Reveal.

Rosanna Leo

It’s time for the cover reveal of the next Eternal Mates series book, Haunted by the King of Death. I’m sure everyone has been curious about the savage, merciless vampire Lord Van der Garde since he prowled onto the scene in the second book in the series, Claimed by a Demon King, and now it’s time to find out why this dangerous and deadly alpha male is just so damned distant and untrusting of females.

If you haven’t had a chance to step into this passionate and action-packed world of dark elves, fae, demons, vampires, shifters and hunters, then you can take the leap with the first book in the series, Kissed by a Dark Prince, which is only 99c / 99p right now. Find the links to your favourite retailers at:

Here’s more about the next book in the series, due for release on July 30th!

Haunted by the King of Death


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Bullying. A mother’s perspective.

Rosanna Leo

Over the past couple of weeks, my husband and I learned some distressing news. Our youngest son has been bullied at school by some of the other boys in his grade. They are all in grade 7, only 13 years old. When I heard it broke my heart. And then I got angry, angrier than I’ve probably ever been.

I grew up in the 1970’s. Like anyone who did, I understand bullying. I was bullied and so were some of my friends. I’m sure the vast majority of us were at one time or other because there was no general consciousness about the ramifications surrounding this sort of abuse. We were told to “deal with it” or to “fight back.” It was black or white and many of us cowered in fear every day, hoping our bully would get tired of us and move onto someone else.

Things are different…

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The Missing Snack

New O/S I just now wrote. Please go check it out and leave me some love. Thanks

She stole my snack and I will not stand for it.


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Address Change



Hello beautiful people. Thank you all for coming to my blog to read my stories since I took them down from FFN. I didn’t realize how may readers I had until now, so thank you.

Just in case you were not aware I post on TWCS under aixa00 and fictionpad under sassymami.

And lastly, I have change the address of my blog from to Reason for that, well Aixa is my real name so I wanted to change it :).

Once again thanks for reading and reviewing, I love to hear/read what you guys have to say as long as you are being nice. 😉

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UPDATE! We’re so close to the end…

Biting My Thoughts


Well, I would’ve posted this yesterday, but my mom was sick so I couldn’t. I hope even though it’s late you’ll enjoy this next chapter. I also hope it answers some questions any of you may have!


I really hope you all enjoy this chapter!

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

Till Next Time,


P.S. There’s only the Epilogue left… Anything you want to see?

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House on the Hill

House on the hill

At midnight, a strange woman hears strange voices and decides to visit a forest.

I was going to submit this story to Bertie Bott: Every Flavor Spook Fest 2015 but I wasn’t too happy with what I came up with. I don’t think its scary, but I hope you guys enjoy.

Click on the picture, it will take you to the story.

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Eternal Glory!

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Originally posted on Fanfiction by Bertie Bott:
Each and every contest you all never fail to amaze me… I’m so pleased to announce that this year’s Spook Fest received the most votes/participation than any other contest I’ve held. You all…


Perfect Melody

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